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Linda Mason, author, a light skinned Black woman with brown eyes. She is wearing light gold eye shadow, darkened eye brows, and deep pink lipstick along with dangling earrings. She is smiling and has no hair on the top of her head.

What does a publishing assistant do?


Linda’s mission is to assist new authors with their publishing dreams using KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) to Amazon, understanding that your manuscript in her hands is a “safe place”. 

Publishing assistance includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Typing and formatting of your manuscript. 
  • You can supply any personal illustrations electronically, or Linda will include free clip art (with your approval).
  • an electronic copy of your completed publication
  • Using KDP or Canva to design a cover for your book, if you don’t have one (additional charges may apply).
  • Automatic uploads to Amazon (eBooks are an additional $50)
  • Your application for copyright through the WGA West Registry (an additional fee of $20 is required. This registration only lasts for five years but can be renewed).
  • Your application for a LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) if you want to get your book into libraries or bookstores. LCCN does not charge a fee.
  • General line edits, but it is highly suggested that your manuscript also be reviewed by an additional set of eyes or professional editor. Your final approval is still required before publication. Also, consider having at least one person review your final draft prior to publication for their opinion on the general flow and appearance of your finished product.


The initial consultation is FREE. If you choose to utilize the publishing assistance services, you will need to pay a non-refundable $100 deposit and execute a signed contract to start. After that, you have the option to choose Package A or Package B, for your publishing project.

Package A = $1 per page, regardless of the number of words and/or pictures on each page.

Package B = Word Count

*Clean and legibly handwritten manuscript = $6 per one thousand words

* Illegibly handwritten, recorded/transcribed, or extensive editing required = $10 per one thousand words

* Legibly typed manuscript = $4 per one thousand words

Half of the estimated full payment is due once three thousand words/25 pages have been formatted (whichever comes first).  The balance is due upon approved finished work before publication unless other arrangements have been made.

After successful publication, Linda will show you how to maintain your KDP accounts for free, to check on sales of your publication(s) and your royalty accumulation. If you require additional assistance from Linda with any updates to your publication via KDP, a $10 fee will be imposed for each update.  

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