About the Vision

My multicultural storybook collection, the Spirit of Truth Storybook Series (S.O.T.), encourages children from ages 5 to 12 to be true to their natural talents and strengths to discover positive ways of coping amid some challenging situations. Each unique book includes a secretly coded message of encouragement in red lettering throughout the main story. The messages are geared towards a particular personality trait characterized in each story. Additionally, a set of interactive group or individual activities is included in the back of every book to promote creative thinking and participation. From my website, readers are encouraged to participate in a Beautiful Attitudes Treasure Hunt. By searching for specific clues encoded among the illustrations throughout the stories, readers can win various prizes. The uniqueness of all of these features helps the S.O.T. Storybook Series stand out among other ordinary children’s books. Eventually, I hope to have these books available in Spanish.

What Others Have Said

Wow! Linda Mason has done it again! “I’m a Veggie Hero” is cute and colorful. The Educational pages are inspirational for kids of all ages! Linda has given parents a tool for expanding their child’s appetite to try foods they may have never attempted to enjoy. The creativity to connect character and healthy food choices are brilliant!

Amy Venable-Turner
CEO of Genesis Learning Center, toddler mom

Author Linda Mason’s book, “Kissing Kirkland”, is one of a series of books that tells a delightful story with a secret hidden valuable message for children. Her stories will captivate her audience with a variety of age appropriate activities to enhance each child’s learning. As an educator for many years, I highly recommend her books!
Amelia Hopkins

High School Counselor

Veggie Hero is another captivating opportunity to embrace introducing our precious little ones to a healthy lifestyle. It taps into all the factors that parents of every stage of growth may need. Besides being so much fun, I can’t get the “Pep Talk” out of my head. Just amazing!

Kalisha Jefferson
Records Manager and mother

Linda Mason has done an excellent job using her creativity and insight in writing this series of books, Spirit of Truth Storybook Series from A-Z. Each book deals with a subject or situation, such as a particular disability, or set-back that a child might encounter and have difficulty dealing with. The books offer resolutions that are positive and encouraging, helping a child build strength, confidence and maturity. The activities in the back of each book reinforce the lesson learned. The graphics are colorful and eye-catching, and each book’s vocabulary is age appropriate. Each book is color coded to fit each age group, so there are appropriate books for every child’s age. These are books your children will want to read or hear over and over; read by a big sister or brother. And they also have the opportunity to communicate with the author directly! I highly recommend these books for your children and grandchildren.

Nona J. Mason

Retired teacher, mother and grandmother

Invest in the Vision

Being a retired grandmother on a fixed income, I would love any financial support to help complete these ever increasing projects. My goal is to convert all 26 paperbacks into e-books as well as audio; and then have them translated into Spanish.

Additionally, my interests expanded to include young adults with the “In His Grace Project.” This is a set of riveting fiction novels that anyone would be excited to read, but I wrote them with a teen audience in mind. Indeed, these novels could pique the interests of a more mature crowd as hurt, disappointment, and mistreatment have never been limited to a person’s age. These exciting suspense novels will also eventually be available in e-book format and audio.

Recently, I have written and published “The Spirit in the Mirror Series” in honor of my youngest granddaughter, Piper, with each title centered around the nine characteristics of the “Fruit of the Spirit” found in Galatians 5:22-25 of the Bible. 

A 10% donation from these funds will be sent to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital every time we reach 1,000 supporters.

To donate through my website, use the button on the right. Your donation must be accompanied by an email to [email protected] with your Name, phone number, and email address to be entered into the drawing.

You can also mail your seed of support to Linda Mason, P.O. Box 1162, Powhatan, VA 23139.

Reaching My Goals

Partner with 1,000, $5 Financial Supporters
Please ask five friends also to join you.

May the Lord multiply your support seed 100 fold.

Enter to win a book set of your choice!

For every dollar you invest in the vision, you will get one entry into a drawing for 1 complete set of any of my collections (or any 10 books of your choice)! Your options include:

Appetizers from the Word of God (a $45 value)
– “In His Grace” Suspense Novels (a $52 value)
– “The Spirit in the Mirror” Series (a $90 value)
S.O.T. Storybooks from A-Z ($260 value)
Environmental Collection for Tots (a $60 value)
Curiosity Combo – the first book in the series of
each collection (a $35 value)