Goodies Within

As you have noticed from reviewing “About the Vision” portion of my website, this collection of storybooks have surprises around every corner. No two books’ activities are exactly alike; however, there is one thing you can be certain about. Every storybook has a secretly coded message of encouragement (highlighted in red lettering). A sneak peek of what that may look like is provided below from the storybook ‘Anxious Arlene’.

Anxious Arlene

My name is Anxious Arlene. I have a brother named Anthony. We live with our Grandma and Grandpa Anderson on the country side of a big, big hill in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Looking across the yard, you can see the grassy mountains outside of our cottage and they seem to climb up and up into the fluffy clouds. The grass always reminds me of the shiny, green grassy stuff grown-ups use in Easter baskets. The bunnies we see here in the hills are real bunnies though, not candy ones. I love to watch them jump back and forth across the little brook that runs beside our house.

We also have a dog. Grandpa Anderson let me name him Arphie. He is a big, brown, fuzzy dog with a white spot on his tail. A few years ago, he wandered into our yard one day. No one ever came looking for him. We even asked around the neighborhood to see if anyone was missing a dog. No one ever said he belonged to them, so Grandma and Grandpa Anderson said we could keep him and he became our new best friend.

A sample of one worksheet is provided for you to record your secret coded message as you proceed through the story.

S.O.T. Message of Encouragement Worksheet

(Fill in the missing letters on a separate sheet of paper or here, if you own the storybook, to unlock your secret message)

Anxious Arlene

_   see   _   _ _ _ _   s p_ _ _ a _   c _ _ _ d    

_ _ _ _   m _ _ y   _ _ _ _ i _ _   g _ _ t _

_ _ _     _ a _ _ _ t _.     D _     _ _ _     b _  

_ _ _ _ _ _     t _   r _ _ _ _     _ _ _   _ _ _ _ g

_ _ _ s e   _ _ _ _ s     _ _     b r _ _ _     _ _ _  

_ o     _ _ _ _ r s.  

Or activities like…

Find out some fun facts about the author!

Start at the circled letter. Circle every third letter and write those letters on the lines above to reveal a fun fact about the author. If you can find all seven fun facts contained within seven different storybooks and you send that information to me via email through my website at, you will receive a storybook of your choice FREE. You only pay shipping and handling. Don’t forget to include your complete mailing address, name and age.

….or try your hand at a few unusual crossword puzzles, interesting brain games, unbelievable crazy facts; or act out your own story using the finger puppet cut outs in the back of some storybooks.

Do you have an “INVESTIGATIVE” eye?

Test your skills in search of ten treasures described below


“Beautiful Attitudes” Treasure Hunt

Let’s help bring back the basics as we are reminded of compassion through this exciting treasure hunt!

You will be searching for scripture references from the bible found in Matthew 5:3-12, known as The Beatitudes. Search through each storybook to find the ten references. Using the “Contact Me” page on the website, send me the exact verbiage from the book, the name of the storybook and page number where the reference was found, along with your name, age, and mailing address.

The first FIVE people to get all 10 references correct will win TWO FREE storybooks AND any 1 book from the Appetizer series (volume 1, 2, or 3).

The first TEN people to get 3 correct references will win a FREE storybook OR any 1 book from the Appetizer series (volume 1, 2, or 3).

Only one winner will be selected per household.

READY?                    SET?              GO!!

Can you find the hidden scripture masquerading in this illustration? Beware. They are not all this easy.

As we rolled up to school, I wondered if Tony and I really would be put into the same classroom. You could hear the excitement of the first day in the air as we unloaded the bus. Children sported their new clothes, new shoes, and backpacks with that brand new smell all over everything. We entered the shiny hallways, and teachers were lined along the walls to make sure we all got to where we were supposed to be. We all were herded to the auditorium for the Pledge of Allegiance, a moment of silence, and the usual boring principal’s speech, and then we headed to our assigned classrooms. Tony and I went separate ways, but I hoped we would at least end up with the same lunch.

…And of course I’d like for you to be made aware of this:


S.O.T. Book of the Month Partner

If you are determined to make “giving” a part of your active lifestyle; consider becoming a “S.O.T. Book of the Month Partner.” From my website or directly from Amazon’s book store, simply commit to purchasing one storybook a month from the S.O.T. Storybook Series and 5% of the profits from those sales will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital on a semi-annual basis. Inform me of that decision via an email to me from my website at for every month you make that purchase. To do so, you place yourself under a spiritual umbrella for reaping a consistent harvest. Give it a try. There is always someone you could share this concept with and it would be great to share the storybook as well.